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Tonight It's Nashville

Yesterday I did something I have never done before. In over a decade of travel, bouncing between cities, states, and countries, I have never messed up time zones. Until yesterday, that is.

For the past four decades, Indiana has been in the Eastern Time Zone, with the exception of ten counties in western Indiana which were in the Central Time Zone. In addition, over 70 counties in Indiana that were in EST did not observe Daylight Savings Time, although some did, which means that these counties were effectively in different time zones at different times of the year. Fun stuff. In 2005 several more counties were moved to Central Time. And more recently, when DST resumed on March 11, 2007, one county returned back to EST. Yep, a mess, and that's just the abbreviated history (which I think I have correct, if you are interested here is more information). The bottom line is that I left Chicago yesterday morning and drove down to Indianapolis, planning to arrive exactly at noon in time to speak. And I did indeed arrive exactly at noon, noon Central Time when Indianapolis is now in Eastern Time, and thus I was an hour late. Ugh! Thankfully, there was pizza and drinks to keep the crowd occupied, and others filled the time with impromptu presentations. Again, to those of you who were stuck waiting for me in Indy, I apologize.

Once we got going the session went very well, this was a slightly quieter crowd than I've been bumping into, but a really good session nonetheless. And then a quick flight over to Kansas City, home to one of the most interactive usergroups anywhere (not as boisterous as Chicago, but still very loud and vocal). Local weather caused a drop in attendance, but the session went very well and run over 2 1/2 hours.

And now it's time to head to the airport to get to Nashville for tonight's session. I hope to see you there or at any of the remaining Scorpio usergroup tour venues.

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