On The Road

ColdFusion Team Meeting , Bangalore, India (September 6, 2006)

Adobe has an office in Bangalore (it is actually the former Macromedia India office, the other Adobe office is in Noida, way up North at the opposite end of the country) which is home to part of the ColdFusion team. A group of us (Damon Cooper, Tom Jordahl, Dean Harmon, and myself) came over to spend time with the local CF team members as part of our Scorpio planning, and a considerable amount of time was spent brainstorming, reviewing specs, analyzing feature ideas, and the like. The local CF engineers are a bright and capable bunch, and Scorpio will be better with their involvement. And no, I can't share specifics yet, but several of the Bangalore engineers will be at MAX this year presenting the features and technologies that they are working on. A trip to Bangalore is a rather surreal experience, almost like walking on to a movie set. The sounds, smells (some pleasant, others not, and none familiar), the contrast of high tech alongside abject poverty, cows on the side of the streets, brightly colored clothing, impromptu shanty villages, auto rickshaws (think motorcycle meets rickshaw), the constant stares earned by being so obvious a visitor, haggling with street peddlers, motorcycles carrying four or more (often with children perched on the handlebars) darting in and out of traffic, the smell and smoke of incense, the incessant sounding of horns as people and vehicles cut in and out of each other on hectic roads, familiar US brands but all with an Indian twist ... it's a truly amazing experience.

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