On The Road

Summer 2004 Tour , Columbia, MO (June 9, 2004)

7th stop on my Summer 2004 User Group Tour. Columbia is a college town, and home to a Macromedia User Group (as opposed to a CFUG). Over 50 attendees at a lunch time presentation, very good response, indeed. About half of those present were Dreamweaver and Flash users, not ColdFusion users, so I had to change the presentation somewhat to accommodate the group. This was a rather quite and reserved bunch, some of that is typical of presentations in academic settings, and part of it was probably the room (formal auditorium, sitting much higher than the presenter looking down, big tables as a separator, all of that makes for a slightly intimidating experience which often seems to impact interaction). I don't get to visit the smaller, off-the-beaten-track, groups often enough, and I am really glad that I was able to speak to this group. Lots of prizes were given away, and we took a picture with each prize winner. Thanks to Myra (last picture, standing in the middle) for inviting me, and for creating the "forta-fied" ad. :-)

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