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ColdFusion 10th Birthday Party , Newton, MA (July 13, 2005)

We celebrated ColdFusion's 10th birthday (the birthday was actually July 10th, but that was a Sunday) with a party in the appropriately named Minnesota room in the Macromedia Newton office, and with the event broadcast via Breeze to over 20 locations worldwide. Lots of ColdFusion's founding fathers joined us, including JJ and Jeremy Allaire, Charles Teague, Sim Simeonov, Peter Muzilla, Adam Berrey, and more). After a couple of hours of schmoozing, eating, and drinking, Stephen Elop and myself made opening welcome comments, and then Tim Buntel led us all on a trip down memory lane. Everyone enjoyed reminiscing and telling anecdotes, browsing a decade's worth of t-shirts mugs and other giveaways, and we even dug up DevCon 2002's Mega Developer infomercial for the occasion. Thanks to Amy Wong for taking pictures for me while I was sitting up front.

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