On The Road

Sun Java Conference , Milan, Italy (May 27, 2003)

Two days in beautiful Milan, Italy. The first day was a Macromedia customer and partner event. I talked about ColdFusion for J2EE and the new Flash Data Connection Kit (pic 1), there was another track hosted by Enrique Duvos that concentrated on JRun and Java. The second day was Sun's Java Conference (essentially a regional JavaOne). Macromedia was a sponsor and had a booth (pic 2) that was very busy. I also spoke (with the aid of optional translation) about ColdFusion and J2EE (bottom 3 pics). Italians are not the most on-time people in the world, and between last minute schedule changes that no one told us about, and panel discussions that ran late, I almost missed my flight to London. Close call!

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